Thursday, September 30, 2004


Before the Jerry Springer show became more idiotic than it is nowadays, I saw a show he had hosted, with two right wing "Christian" groups as his guests, one white and the other a black one.

The similarity between the two groups was scary. Both believe they are right and there is no middle road, no comprise. They hate everyone who does not agree with them. Both groups are infamous in their treatment of women, as chattels or idiots, believing that a woman does not have rights, and her proper place is the kitchen, and that she, like children are to be seen and not heard.

Both these groups use the Holy Bible to prop up their racial hatred, believing that they have the divine right to hate and punish anyone who does not share their beliefs, way of life and/or belong to their racial group. They believe that they are the chosen few. They believe that Jesus belongs to their particular racial group, either white or black. And that God has given them permission to kill, maim and torture anyone who does not agree with them.

I wish both groups; black and white would go back to the truth of the Word of God. Jesus said that we should love our enemies, that we should forgive all who hurt us (seven times seventy times). Jesus encouraged us to turn the other cheek, but these right wing groups demand an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I wonder if they actually say the Lord’s Prayer, and if they do, whether they actually pay attention to the words of this prayer.

What would their reaction would be if they actually realised that Jesus was a Jewish man and that He was olive-coloured; neither white nor black. (White groups particularly hate Jews) He had a Jewish heritage and had a Jewish background, and went through Jewish rites of passage. He was taught the laws and the prophets just like any other Jewish man of that period.

What would these groups do if they actually read the truth contained in the Bible? Or even more interesting, if they saw Jesus as He was 2,000 years ago, olive skinned and all? What are the chances that these groups would accept Him?

Yah right, I do not think so. He is not the Jesus they preach, He does not share their racial characteristics, but rather, He speaks about forgiveness, love, peace and freedom for all. He welcomes everyone, no matter what. He will neither destroy “unbelievers” nor will He hold grudges or punish anyone who does not fit into a false set of rules. Jesus is love, unhappy the people who do not see this.

Maranatha, Come Lord JESUS.

Saturday, September 25, 2004


Africans back down at UN race talks Special report: UN conference against racism. Although this happened a few years ago, the memory still breaks my heart.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Thank You

When I am in trouble or need a favour, l like most people, bring my needs to God in prayer. When the answer I wanted comes, I can be like the 9 lepers and forget to say "Asante " or "thank you" for answered prayers.

On this my soap box, I say "Asante sana Mungu" for answering a prayer.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Babies and trust

I have a new niece. She is 22 days old, and absolutely beautiful. She is so tiny, she fits in my arm perfectly. Her feet and hands amaze me, they are so perfect, everying about her is perfectly formed, she has a whole head of hair (that's an African thing)

My tiny niece trusts us, her family to protect her, feed her, keep her warm and safe. When she is wet, she is changed automatically. When she is hungry, mummy is there to breastfeed her. She is bathed, clothed and has constant attention. She is never alone - she has people watching over her. At this time of her new life, she is the centre of her family's attention. Nobody else (apart from her mom) is as important as she is right now.

The most important lesson this tiny baby is teaching me, as I hold her is to trust in God. I must look to Him at all to take care of me like we take care of my tiny niece. I might be a 40+ independent and strong African woman, but I still need God my loving Father to provide for me which means feeding me, nursing my hurts and pains and comforting me when I feel sad, lonely and "like a motherless child". My tiny niece teaches me to trust. I am learning all over again. I TRUST that God will not let me down.

"In You O God I put my trust, let me not be put to shame..."

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I enjoy the seasonal changes, when leaves turn colour from green to all shades of earth tones. I like the feel of earth drawing into herself getting ready for winter. I even enjoy the shorter days.

What I truly do not like is the cold and rain that comes with autumn. If only it snowed in the winter. I lie to myslef and think that changes in the landscape can make up in a small way for the cold weather. Falling snow is beautiful, especially in the night time. The white of the snow softens the landscapes and creates new shapes, which for artistic types like myself is "interesting".

What it is is that this African Rose is getting ready for winter. I am searching for positive things about this time of the year. I want to face the cold with expectation of good things, just as I do for spring and summer. Surely there is good even when the world is cold and the sun's rays are as feeble as moonshine.

Bye summer, hello cold weather.


For the last couple of weeks, I was not able to post stuff on my blog. I nearly gave up on blogging.

Where to start? I suppose I should talk about the virtue of never giving up no. This is a good topic because it speaks to my current situation.

For the last 19 months or so, life has been very "interesting". It has been 19 months of trial, of testing of my faith, friendship and courage. I have had to put my mouth where my faith is, a challenge. It is always easy it is to see solutions to other people's problems and cares, but I have to live by the words I preach to others.

There have been days I have wished to stay hidden under the covers, because I do not know what is following the rising sun. But I have faced these challenging days - fearfully and reluctantly. But faced them I have. I faced them through the power and support of the Almighty God who loves me, and cares for me. My loving Father God who cares for me, who strengthens my knocking knees and gives volume to my shaking voice.

I am learning who my true friends are, who puts their money where their faith is, who can be trusted, and who cannot be. It has been quite painful. But nevertheless, I am learning very important lessons daily. I am learning to forgive and forget, and most importantly to bear with my own failures and shortcomings.

The most important lesson I have learnt is that God loves me no matter what and that He supplies all our needs, BUT in His own time and His own way.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I chose my blogger name as Ua Ridi: rose flower - not because I think of myself as one - dainty, pretty, colourful and discriptions towards that effect - I certainly am not. It is because I am constanly amazed at the beauty in this world of ours.

Take for instance my blog name, rose flower. It is such a thing of beauty. There are so many varieties and types and colours. From pure white, to deep purple almost black. There are those lovely yellows, the delicate pinks and beautiful reds. I ran out of words to describe these beauties of nature! Now think of all other flowers in this world, the variety of colours, shapes, forms and uses. It is awe inspiring.

All this beauty is put there by the Great Landscaper for us to enjoy. It is free of charge for us to refresh ourselves, and to cheer us up. In the midst of all the chaos and turmoil in this world, when things seem to go wrong, I healed and soothed by the beauty I see around me. Then I go back to God, the Creator of all that is beautiful and healing, and realise I that He will overcome everything, despite what I see.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Soap box

So here I am all ready with a blog to declare my presence to the world. My soap box!!!!