Tuesday, May 30, 2006

HELP the world cup cometh!!!

It is coming round again!!! You can tell from the advertisers who are all cashing in on it, making sure that their adverts are linked to this big event. From TV stations, making sure that we all know they have a share of the pie. No am not talking about Most Haunted (huh?), Will and Grace (good gracious, why?), or Big Brother (how ghastly!!) it is WORLD CUP

This has the makings of a most horrid and boring and irritating summer ever!!!

Time for English (not British mind you) pride. Time to support our "boys" and for every house and car in the block (save mine) to sport the St. George flag with great pride. Time to paint our faces, our dogs, our nails, our cars with the English colours, never mind that your people came from Africa or Asia. Oh help!!!

I ask you where is the fun in watching grown men chasing an inflated pig skin. I do not care what everyone says, it is BORING!!!!!! blah, blah, blah, blah goes the commentator and strategists, former players and experts. Oh those instant replays, slow motions, dissecting the play of the day to everlasting boring and tedious details that are as much fun as watching grass grow. Yawn, bring in the clowns says I.

Last time round, employers allowed their people watch telly at work so they would not miss each and every “exciting” moment. A friend of mine was almost lynched for daring to cheer BRAZIL. Ken Livingston, the "innovative" mayor of London put up large TVs in Trafalgar square so that people could watch the UK matches and for miles you could hear the roar of the crowds at every move.

Well, I will definitely have to look for something to do this summer. What with Big Brother – God spare us – and World Cup taking up all that broadcast time, there will be a very big gap in my TV watching calendar.

Here’s to long walks along the London Bridges

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sight for sore eyes

Roses are beginning to flower despite the overcast skies.

"See the winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come..." (Song of Songs 2:12)

ENJOY and overlook the rain and overcast skies. Look at the beauty of nature rather than the currenty dank and rainy weather.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Seeing RED

I do not know how seriously I should take this No news today. African governments and activists have raised these issues, to seemingly deaf ears. Why should Bono’s article make the difference to the western governments?

Most African activists talked about Trade not Aid (with figures and example to back them up), no answer. We talked about farm subsidies – again silence. African leaders talked to pharmaceutical companies and their governments to consider a slight reduction in the prices they charge our poor for drugs - silence (well some excuses and promises, silence would have been better).

As a worn out, pessimistic and discouraged activist, I do not hold much hope for this new stunt, just as I was not excited by Live 8 and I most certainly will not be ecstatic over the next stunt.

I firmly hold that the playing fields must be equalized otherwise the cycle of debt and aid will be perpetuated ad nauseam, and most important of all, we Africans must take responsibility for our own development and fight our own battles.

We have to stop relying on handouts. No one is coming to rescue us, nor should we expect them to.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

London cabbies

Granted, they no longer come in basic black, but London cabs, whatever the colour are unique to London and a tourist attraction. To me however, it is the drivers, those Cockney drivers who call all women passengers “love” and “darling”, who are unique. They can talk the proverbial hind leg off a donkey if you give them a chance, discussing any topic under the sun. They will give you their take on life and dish the latest from the House of Commons, the current state of Mr. Blair's party and his life expectancy in power and the latest on the royals. They know everything from the Stock Exchange and can forecast the weather.

I enjoy talking politics with them and hearing their opinions on the politics of the day, the Labour party, and the rising number of migrants in London. (The people of African origin in Brixton, outnumber white people like 5-1. Here food, music, cloth and hair products come direct from the Continent or the West Indies). Most cabbies say they like the influx of migrants, especially our influence on the foods and music of the Londoners. (I am aware they might be diplomatic because of the passenger) but I refuse to be a cynic.

One day I asked a cabbie what he felt about economic migrants – those who come to the UK to work. This man was of the opinion that people should be allowed to go anywhere they could to earn a living. He said, “If my family were starving and I heard there was work in them countries, I would swim to get there. Just let anyone try and stop me love,” he said. Obviously, he did not hold with the government on deporting undocumented workers.

London cabbies are mostly kind souls. When I have had to take a cab to hospital, and not only have they been gentle with me but they have encouraged me. Last year, this cabbie drove me to hospital when I was quite ill. Not only did he refuse to take the fare I owed him, he was oh so very gentle with me, apologising for every bump on the road. I pray for him as often as I remember.

God bless them one and all.

Pictures of the black cabs provided by FreeFoto.com and wikipeda

Friday, May 05, 2006


I certainly had not planned on this long a break from blogging. The plan had been to take time off during the Easter break, however, some technical hitches occurred with my computer and connection. Fortunately, all has been sorted out. I also had knitting projects to complete - thank God all done and dusted.

Meanwhile, the weather has been so wonderful that I cannot resist soaking up as much sunshine as I can. One is never sure what the weather will be from day to day. Despite being homesick, I rather enjoy the seasonal changes in this country. In particualar, spring when flowers, especially roses start to bloom. My walks are made more enjoyable by the sight of roses beginning to open up.
Glory to God for the beauty around us. (Hi, BJ!!)