Monday, October 31, 2005


I learnt to love flowers, most especially roses from my mother

There is nothing as peaceful and soothing to me like looking at flowers.

I grew up loving red, pink and white roses. It was not until I left home and travelled overseas that I have seen a variety of colours, shapes and sizes of roses.

When I lived "across the pond" I planted a bare-root rose in my backyard. It was a delight to the eyes. Every morning before I went to work, I would water it and watch it grow. It had deep red blossoms. One of my roommates told me that she loved sitting in the yard watching the rose, because it made her feel good.

I am constantly stopping outside people's front yards when I walk to gaze at the beauty of roses, thank God the British love roses. One day as I walked with a nephew in a posh area of London, a beautiful red and white rose almost took my breath away. I stood and stared at the rose for such a long time, I am sure the householder thought I was slightly touched!!

It is a constant wonder for me that God created flowers to delight our senses.

Thank you God for eyes to see and a heart to love and a mind to appreciate!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Autumn blues

When this time of the year rolls along, my entire being begins the process of hibernation. This is my least favourite season. 'Tis the season the leaves fall off the trees, making ghosts of trees limbs (nevermind the fact that the leaves turn all sorts of beautiful colours before they fall off). This is the season birds fly away, insects die, creatures hibernate and the clouds hide the sky. Roses die off and are pruned at this time of the year. It is the season of rain, rain, grey clouds, rain and more rain.

It is my season for introspection. So if I am not at my blog frequently, it is because I am hiding in my bed and wishing that all my nephews and nieces were rich enough to buy me that cottage in Nyali Beach and keep me in the style to which I would love to get used to.