Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mother's milk

This post is written for the Erase Racism Carnival being hosted this month at Black Looks and at Erase Racism Carnival.

I heard about a young man who did something remarkable many years ago. One day, a little girl called him the n-word. He was obviously quite upset and asked the girl to take him to her mother. The girl’s mother when faced with this incident was extremely embarrassed and apologised, saying that she would talk to her child about name calling – especially the use of that racist word. This young man however refused to accept the mother’s apology, saying that the problem was not with the girl but with her parents, who must have taught her the n-word, either directly or indirectly. That was a brave and wise young man, and I would have loved to see the mother’s reaction to this down to earth words.

I too believe that a racist is not made but bred and nurtured in the home. Just as children learn values, life and beliefs from their parents, so too will a racist learn to hate someone because of their skin colour. It might not be direct name calling or hatred, it can be implied; for instant the constant moaning and complaining about “those people”, and eventually, a beautiful trusting soul is turned into a racist by the very people who should teach him/her to love.

In the council estate where I live, most the world races are represented by the tenants. Africans, Asians and Europeans share the same playgrounds, shops, and schools. Recently, a group of boys aged between four and six, who represent a majority of the races in the estate have been riding their bikes every evening – they have races, trade bikes, do stunts and generally play like all boys do. I am not sure these children can see any racial difference - they are just boys playing – the most exciting thing that happens to them is when someone has a new thingy for their bike, or when someone falls off the bike and there is blood everywhere.

How sad to reflect that in a few years time, these boys will not play together any more because they will have learnt that what separates them is not flashier bikes, or trendier outfits, but race – the difference in their skin colour.

It is all very well for governments to make laws about racism and making laws on equality or diversity, but until the conviction comes from deep within people’s hearts, no law will make the slightest difference. Like Mshairi says, you cannot legislate what is in people’s hearts. You can only teach children and pray that God will bring the change in people's hearts.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Why this colour ?

It has been brought to my attention that I have not done a post on roses for a while, so this is for you.

Roses come in a variety of colours and each colour (and sometimes shade) has different symbolism. I have selected a few of the commoner rose colours as an aid for you to interpret the meaning behind the roses he brings to you.
When he brings you white roses, I suggest caution; he could be wanting to place you on a pedestal because white roses symbolise innocence, purity, secrecy, friendship, reverence and humility.

The white rose was also a symbol of the White Rose non-violent resistance group in Germany during WW 11 that carried out a leaflet campaign in opposition to the Nazi regime.

Red roses are no brainer. We know the symbolism since the high street florists and card makers have crammed it down our throats, especially on St. Valentine's Day. Love, love and more love. Some shades symbolise passion and unending love. If he brings you any red rose - he is in love.
Pink roses come in a variety of shades and each shade has it's own meaning. You will have to decide which shade stands for what symbol. For instance one shade of pink symbolises grace and lesser feelings of love, another stands for gratitude and another still symbolises admiration and sympathy.
Yellow roses generally mean dying love or platonic love. In some countries, yellow roses could stand for jealousy and infidelity.
When he brings you yellow roses with red tips, be very afraid because it could mean that he might either be asking for your friendship or he is falling in love.

Purple roses
your favourite colour you will be pleased to note represents patience and trust and is reflective of faith and fasting, they symbolise opulence, enchantment. A rose of this colour simply confirms “I will always love and adore you.”

The blue rose does not grow in nature, I mean roses do not have the gene that produces blue pigment. So science lent a hand. First white roses were dyed blue and after 15 years of research and genetic engineering roses have been "given" the blue pigment producing gene.
The blue rose symbolises mystery.

There you are all educated now; give thanks to God for beauty and love.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

One man, ??? wives?

Who remembers the kids next door who had more than one mother? Did we feel somewhat superior to them? We had been taught that polgamy was wrong and yet, I do not know what my grandfathers would say about these people.

Like so many people say, while things change, they remain the same.

Happy Sunday everyone