Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I chose my blogger name as Ua Ridi: rose flower - not because I think of myself as one - dainty, pretty, colourful and discriptions towards that effect - I certainly am not. It is because I am constanly amazed at the beauty in this world of ours.

Take for instance my blog name, rose flower. It is such a thing of beauty. There are so many varieties and types and colours. From pure white, to deep purple almost black. There are those lovely yellows, the delicate pinks and beautiful reds. I ran out of words to describe these beauties of nature! Now think of all other flowers in this world, the variety of colours, shapes, forms and uses. It is awe inspiring.

All this beauty is put there by the Great Landscaper for us to enjoy. It is free of charge for us to refresh ourselves, and to cheer us up. In the midst of all the chaos and turmoil in this world, when things seem to go wrong, I healed and soothed by the beauty I see around me. Then I go back to God, the Creator of all that is beautiful and healing, and realise I that He will overcome everything, despite what I see.


Blogger Mshairi said...

I remember the wonderful work you did with the roses at number 400. May they always bloom:-)

9/08/2004 10:35:00 pm  
Blogger UARIDI said...

Asante Mshairi. My roses and your poems - what a team

9/09/2004 02:42:00 pm  

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