Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A sad phobia

I enjoy walking and exploring where I live. But this enjoyment is generally controlled by my fear of crossing roads. I do not know where this fear came from, but it is a real one. Whenever, I have to cross the road, I make sure that I am at the place where there is green and red man,

and I will not cross until the green man shows his face, even if there are hardly any cars coming. I will walk long distances to avoid places where there are no lights or pedestrian crossings

because I am afraid to face cars.

I am the person who slings behind the large crowd that crosses with “kifua” at all crossing levels, because I definitely do not want cross by myself. I am the person who stands and ensures that the lights are definitely green for the pedestrian before crossing. I will not jay walk for whatever reason. (Not because it is against the law), but because I am a crossing chicken.

This fear has grown to become a phobia. My hands sweat, my heart beats fast and I panic at the thought of crossing the road. The other day, I had to cross a busy road, and there were builders building something behind Kings Cross station, and this man comes and asks me, “Want to cross the road luv?” I said yes, but you have to hold my hand because I am a chicken!!! Fortunately he did and I did.

I watch in fear and trembling at people who ran across the road without a thought while the cars barely brush their behinds – and those who casually jaunt across the road while the lights are turning from green to amber.

My favourite city for walking is Manhattan - the lights and zebra crossings are all pedestrain friendly. The worst places to walk is Los Angeles. There people live in their cars. Nairobi? Drivers or pedestrian - always on the defensive.


Blogger POTASH said...

First in.

"I will not jay walk for whatever reason. (Not because it is against the law), but because I am a crossing chicken."

A crossing chicken...hehe. that one always crosses the road. Eventually.

it is just me passing by.

2/15/2006 03:05:00 pm  
Anonymous guessaurus said...

LOL @Potash - you had to go there?

Auntie, pole about your phobia, its amazing how something that most of us do without a second thought (yes, I am one of those behind brushing road-crossers.. tsk tsk)can be such an uncomfortable experience for others.

I could tell you 'Dawa ya moto ni moto but I have a feeling it wouldnt wash.

2/15/2006 03:23:00 pm  
Blogger UARIDI said...

Potash, thank for visiting. yes, I do eventually cross the road. My sister has finally learnt to be patient with me because we have classified this fear as a phobia. (Not going to comment on the chicken bit)

Guess: We shall not walk the streets together!!! Dawa ya moto? Not me

2/15/2006 05:04:00 pm  
Anonymous Guessaurus said...

What if I offer to be really patient and hold your hand? :)

2/15/2006 06:10:00 pm  
Blogger Brother Jero (BJ) said...

Mmh looks like this fear could have started off real early in your childhood. Growing up perhaps your folks told you to be very careful when crossing roads or else bad things can happen hence the fear.

Just a Dr Phil kind of thought. Am currntly in NY and Manhattan can still be a crazy place to walk. One of my worst fears is being mugged. Growing up I saw guys being mugged. Even as early as my first job when I had to take a mat from gill hse, I witnessed numerous muggings and I hated that. I fear to Death.

2/15/2006 06:28:00 pm  
Anonymous acolyte said...

Poor gal!We all have our fears but dont let them rule your life......

2/15/2006 06:39:00 pm  
Blogger Nakeel said...

ooh Auntie now I see how you miss Nairobi where traffic is human and all brush each other and the fear can go..
Pole sana You will overcome trust your steps on the road.

2/16/2006 04:21:00 pm  
Anonymous mshairi said...

I try not to put down people's phobia seeing that I have one of my own. However!!

2/16/2006 05:09:00 pm  
Blogger Poi said...

Okie how can u possibly be my auntie then the way I seem to have a knack of jay-walking, I keep thinking I'll get a ticket coz the urge is irresistable wait till I'm driving then I hate the jay-walkers.

But all the same pole for the phobia auntie and it's nice to have you back :)

2/16/2006 07:05:00 pm  
Blogger strawberries are said...

Yipeeeeeee I am normal I totally totally feel you on this one. It takes me forever and ever to cross.

2/16/2006 09:07:00 pm  
Blogger Joseph Walking said...

i hate to bring this up here but guess and poi you guys are all related -sorry auntie for this post here

2/18/2006 03:55:00 pm  
Blogger Whispering Inn said...

You probably need to hook up with jay-walker in chief - Poi - and she'll scare the phobia out of you.

2/18/2006 08:40:00 pm  
Blogger Whispering Inn said...

And if Poi get's a car and starts knocking down jay-walkers, try spending a month jay-walking in Nairobi.

2/18/2006 08:42:00 pm  
Blogger Nyakehu said...

So why did then did the chicken cross the road?! They only help old ladies to cross and with your manyanga figure why is he trying to hit on you. This is from Binta Simba who I read snippets out to and she has laughed her way into responding.

2/19/2006 05:06:00 pm  
Blogger Milonare said...

LOL at manyanga figure...

Woishe Auntie... When we finally build that house for you at the coast we will make sure there are enough green and red men at the roads nearby...


2/20/2006 04:44:00 pm  
Blogger Farmgal said...

A grown woman told me they were afraid of crossing the road hata kwa zebra crossing-honestly I thot she was crazy!
kumbe its a serious thing! dont worry when you come to visit me I'll hold your hand lol

2/21/2006 11:48:00 pm  
Anonymous mshairi said...

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2/25/2006 08:08:00 pm  
Blogger Magaidi said...

I could agree with you about LA just because i can't stand the city but you are right. it's quite comical for a city with such a simple traffic pattern to have such bad drivers but for NY with its maze of cross streets to have better drivers.

As for your phobia I say, what would you do if the traffic light broke down and there's no cop to check traffic flow?..hmmm. And does it translate to your driving if you do drive? hmmmm...

2/28/2006 06:42:00 pm  
Blogger UARIDI said...

BJ: Thank you for visiting. This is a recent phobia. Hope you enjoy NYC and get over the mugging phobia.

Aco: I do not allow it to master me - writing about it is one way of removing the phobia's power on me.

Thanks Nakeel

Poi and Joe: my youngest sister must be your mom because she seems to enjoy jaywalking.

Strawberries: Indeed you are very normal. Forget the nay-sayers.

Whispering: I have tried to hook up with them. They end up holding my hand and crossing where I want.

Nyaks: Why are you letting her make you her messenger?

Milo: Now see this is a nephew worth having. Thank you.

Farmgal: It is a true phobia - at least to me. I truly have the shakes and sweaty hands.

Magaidi: Thaks for visiting I do not drive. This could be why I have the phobia. In the USA, do not walk. I think the reason why I choose not to drive was to be different. (Regretting it now!!!)

3/03/2006 04:18:00 pm  

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